3 Amazing Things You Need to Know About Acne

There are a lot of myths surrounding acne. These myths are often popularized by blog posts and forum comments made by individuals who simply want to get a buck out of your pocket. Others on the other hand are simply misguided and doesn’t really know what acne is or what is causing it. To help you distinguish myths from facts, here are seven truths that you need to know about acne.

Can Food Cause Acne?

The answer is a no. Food cannot directly cause acne but it can make your acne condition worse or better. Acne is caused by a combination of factors. The exact cause of acne remains unknown. However, recent study suggest that there is a strong correlation between acne and chocolates or processed sweets. When you eat sweets, such as chocolates for example, your insulin levels increases, thus triggering your oil glands to produce more oil that what is needed. The same is true with greasy food and milk and other dairy products. These food items can cause your bodily hormones to fluctuate thus aggravating your present acne condition.

Is Treating Acne Costly?

Most often than not, a lot of acne sufferers consider visiting a clinic as their first option when acne strikes. Dermatologic acne therapies and prescribed acne treatments are very expensive and usually cause far more serious side effects compared to over the counter acne treatments. Treating acne is usually easier and cheaper than you think. You can but a couple of effective acne treatments without having to spend hundreds of dollars. However, don’t go for dirt cheap acne treatments because most of these treatments can cause skin irritations and may sting when applied to your skin.

Is the Acne Causing Bacteria the Real Cause of Acne?

The acne bacteria or the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria, as the fancy science people call it, is a natural resident bacteria of the skin. It will not cause acne initially. However when dead skin cells cover your pores, it traps the sebum, bacteria and other dirt particles inside. The oil produced in your sebaceous glands will act as the food for the bacteria causing it to multiply. Only when there is an overgrowth of this bacteria will the signs and symptoms of acne become apparent. So is the acne causing bacteria the real cause of acne? The answer is no. It is one of the things that triggers the acne formation but not the real cause of acne.

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