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Cloud computing IDC power supply and distribution solution
Cloud computing IDC power supply and distribution solution

High speed development of big data and cloud computing technology as well as new business applications such as video, image, WeChat, mobile payment promote high speed growth f of data services, so domestic IDC scale and total energy consumption experience exponential growth.existing IDC power consumption in China accounts for 2% of total social power consumption or 10% of national total energy consumption of buildings, energy consumption and maintenance issues restrict the development in the age of big data, revolution of IDC power supply solution is required by era.

Solution features
Successful cases

System architecture, simplified and efficient.

Battery availability 100%.

The most reliable modular design.

Low cost access of new energy.

Perfect energy management service system.

Efficient energy-saving, small footprint, low investment cost.

Most convenient expansion cutover, maintenance in life cycle .

Zhonhen HVDC power supply solution has provided, safe and reliable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, easy maintenance, low cost power supply products for Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, Mobile, Telecom, Global Data Solutions, AtHub and other customers successively.

In 2016, Zhonhen HVDC solution and system were listed in the catalog of advanced technologies recommended by Green Data Center of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology;  thanks to HVDC technology and dual leading roles in market, Zhonhen took the lead to formulate national standards in the same year.

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