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Electric power low voltage power supply and distribution solution
Introduction to the solution:

Zhonhen ZHTS series integrated AC/DC power system solution could solve the problems in traditional substations,for example,low degree of automation of stationservice power supply,complicated system management,difficult information sharing.It combines power systems in substation including AC power supply,DC power supply,UPS/INV power supply,communication power supply into an integrated power system by means of network communication,integrated monitoring,system interlocking etc.It has realized stationservice power supply safety and network intelligence,solves the problems of traditional separate power system,increases substation intelligent level and stationservice power supply management level,increases reliability and flexibility of power system,reduces gross project investment and maintenance cost in the entire life cycle.


Substation Ethernet on station control level

General montior of station-service integrated AC/DC power supply system  

AC power supply  

DC power supply 

Solution features
Successful cases

Reduce battery pack types for configuration. Operating power supply battery pack, UPS battery pack, communication power battery are combined into one storage battery pack; 

Integrated design. Unified design style, consistent appearance, reduces duplicate configuration and number of panels, so as to save equipment cost and land space; Networking. Smart devices of power supply subsystems are connected with integrated monitor via communication network, integrated monitor is connected with integrated automation/dispatching system via A/B network port;

Intelligence. Information of station-service power supply subsystems such as electricity, digital signal, event may be viewed on integrated monitor or remote management system in real time, and remote control may be realized for four-remote function of station-service power supply;

High compatibility. Monitoring center unit is compatible with monitoring units of all parts, which are connected with integrated automation system via uniform interface, uniform protocol.

Reduce TCO. Simplify procurement and construction flow, reduce total investment amount and entire life cycle cost.

Integrated power system for Sichuan 220kV Qinhuangsi Substation 

Integrated power system for 500kV Zhoushan Substation in Zhejiang 

Integrated power system for 500kV Zhenhai Substation in Zhejiang 

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