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Smart city lighting power supply and distribution solution
Introduction to the solution:

Nowadays,domestic and overseas smart city construction will face a brand new pattern of smart city perception, analysis, service, command, inspection management, road lights that cover urban boty like blood vessels and nerves will be main carrier of smart city. 

esign of power supply,Zhonhen puts forward a DC microgrid power architecture based on Energy Internet,so that road light may accomplish its important mission as a carrier of smart city. 

Solution features
Successful cases

High safety-floating ground remote power supply 

With respect to three disadvantges of AC power supply that traditionally requires laying “ground, neutral, live” cables, i.e. high cost, no leakage current protection, poor safety of single pole electric shock,Zhonhen smart lighting system adopts innovative applications of DC power supply,floating ground remote power supply,no risk in touch of single pole,high safety,only positive/negative busbars need to be laid, so as to evade many disadvantges and safety risks effectively,cost of cables may be saved by above 30%, failure rate of light fixtures decreases 50%, life increases 50%. At the same time,insulation state may be monitored in real time,monitoring equipment has high interference immunity. 

Smart dimming –zoned, timed lightin

Zhonhen smart lighting system, adopts DC carrier dimming, does not need any additional single lamp controller and communication cable, may realize timed dimming, zoned dimming, dimming in inclement weather and broadcast dimming. Such lighting as required may save energy above 40%. 

Convenient maintenance-modular system design 

Zhonhen smart lighting system adopts modular system design,maintenance only requires online module replacement on ground,no need of climbing,may decrease the maintenance cost,reduce potential safety hazards.Meanwhile,with respect to damaged branches, “deployment”in cabinet may be used to solve earth leakage risk instantaneously. 

Connection with smart city 

Zhonhen smart lighting system,provides allweather safe power supply,integrates lighting,wireless communication,smart sensor,video surveillance,advertising,charging pile and other functions, provides more wonderful high-tech life for human being. 

Successful application in Chongqing Longtang Overpass High Pole Lamp Lighting Project,Chongqing Caijia Central Forest Park Lighting Project,Chunbo Road Lighting Reconstruction Project in Bingjiang District,Hangzhou.For detailed introduction of cases, See the Attachment. 

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