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Smart energy storage
solution overview

Configure energy storage system scientifically and economically according to user energy utilization status and demand, utilize flexible and comprehensive advanced strategy configuration such as dynamic energy consumption real time scheduling strategy, multi-energy economic operation optimization strategy to provide smooth new energy fluctuation, support uninterruptible power supply, peak load shaving, reducing demand, reactive compensation, participating in demand-side response and other services, could realize flexible, stable, economical and friendly power consumption.

Solution features
Successful cases

The independently developed new generation energy management system and cloud platform could realize smart O & M and efficient control in a better way.

It monitors system operating state in real time, carries out online monitoring, alarm management of the operating conditions of systems and equipments to realize remote O & M, smart O & M.

Web+App-based quantity and cost measurement and settlement, index statistics and analysis for smart operation.

Optimize system operation mode actively through big data analysis.

Increase power supply quality:  monitor load and photovoltaic power fluctuation, dispatch energy storage charge/discharge in real time, overcome insufficient power fluctuation, realize reactive compensation, increase new energy utilization efficiency effectively.

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