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Communication network energy supply and distribution solution
5G wireless access network power supply and distribution solution

With constant advances of 5G communication technology, master equipment form of 5G access network and

 access network site building mode also become clear. Now, power supply and distribution solution for 5G

wireless access network should not only cope with high power density, high degree of protection and high 

reliability construction requirements of micro base station, pico base station, macro base station, but also 

cope with diversified installation requirements. 

Zhonhen 5G wireless access network power supply and distribution solution is mainly used in areas with good mains supply, provides efficient and reliable 48V power supply for various load equipments, it is also applicable to complicated application scenarios such as network transmission site, access site and wireless communication site. Its simple, efficient, reliable intelligent characteristics help customers to realize simple network deployment, energy-saving in the whole network, efficient operation & maintenance and smooth evolution in the future, and help customers to save deployment and operation & maintenance expenditures to the maximum extent, guarantee reliable operation of sites. 

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Simple and flexible

The system has small volume and lightweight, adaptive to both indoor and outdoor environment, 

installation modes may be selected flexibly, for example, gin pole, wall-mounted, embedded, suitable 

for quick site arrangement. 

Good-looking and reliable

The product has good-looking style, may blend into diversified installation scenarios, may be arranged 

in urban streets and scenic spots arbitrarily. 

Self-cooling heat dissipation, high reliability, low failure rate. 

Easy maintenance

Standardized waterproof aviation terminals, universal hanging installation structure. 

Intelligent management

Intelligent monitoring of power supply system parameters, quick positioning of abnormal problems,

perfect battery charge/discharge management, remotely measurable and controllable. 

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