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Communication network energy supply and distribution solution
5G carrier network power supply and distribution solution

space and other new challenges. Zhonhen 5G carrier network power supply and distribution solution, provides UPS and equipment accommodation function, covers indoor and outdoor, site power supply and other scenarios. With advanced thermal simulation design, rigorous test certification, the system has telecommunication level high reliability, could provide stable, reliable, efficient energy-saving, compact UPS for 5G carrier network. 

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Simple and flexible

Capacity of single cabinet ranges from 50A to 1000A, module supports damage-free hot swap.

Reliable and efficient

System architecture, is simplified and efficient, adopts fully efficient rectifier module. 

Module efficiency is up to 96%; system efficiency is up to 95%. 

Intelligent management

Intelligent monitoring of power system parameters, quick positioning of abnormal problems,

perfect battery charge/discharge management, remotely measurable and controllable. 

Shared by several operators

DC distribution may be measured and managed for four users respectively, 5-level low voltage

drop-out functionz available, drop-out parameters at all levels may be set. Sharing by several operators may be solved flexibly. 

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